5 December, 2010

The voices of Commonwealth women captured on this website are inspirational. They challenge the concept that history, whether of a country or the development of education within a country, relates mostly to government decisions or outside interventions. The courage and determination which many of these women have shown to obtain their own education and then to share the benefits of their qualifications with others is a valuable reminder of the importance of the individual. It is encouraging to realise again the influence that such women can have in developing progressive policies at all levels, whether in relation to education, health, business or politics.

It was suggested in 2008 that the CEC might mark its 50th anniversary with a book illustrating the educational experiences of such women and their impact on development in different parts of the Commonwealth. The proposal was immediately endorsed. First it would challenge orthodoxy as a commemorative record, whilst upholding the Commonwealth-wide commitment to enhancing the position of women, as both receivers and providers of education. Second we knew that whatever Rosemary Preston and Mo Sibbons produced would be creative and worthwhile.

As the project progressed, it was agreed to post the stories we were receiving on their own web site. This would give greater flexibility. We would not be restricted in the number of stories we might include or forced to minimise their length. It would also allow easy access to readers across the Commonwealth and elsewhere in the world, in line with the CEC’s concern to enable wider use of the internet for educational purposes.

The CEC was founded to bring educationalists and politicians together to learn from each other, as a platform for informed debate, advocacy and policy revew. Fifty years on, the narratives collected here continue the same tradition. They show just how mutually beneficial learning has become for Commonwealth women, as it has long been for men.

Valerie Davey

Executive Chairperson, Council for Education in the Commonwealth


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